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  1. Art Festival in Cesis 2016 (Latvia)

    "Contemporary landscape" curated by Daiga Rudzāte

    Sandwich of light or references to namesake paintings by the Italian Renaissance artist Piero della Francesca

    Landscape painting is more than just a framed gaze. What comes to mind automatically is the earliest known work by Piero della Francesca*, the one where he has his Madonna sit in the window and creates a spatial illusion by letting her garment drape over the window sill - show in such a way that the window aperture simultaneously looks like a very modest picture frame. Behind her, there is a desert savannah with a blue strip of sky on the horizon. The heated sand reflects light from the same source that allows Madonna's face
    not to be in the shadows. It is like a sandwich of light with a piece of corporeity in the middle. Divine bait for eyes in the word of optometry not intended for working in total darkness.
    *Piero della Francesca (1415 - 1492), Italian early Renaissance painter.

    project was accompanied by Instagram account @gaismassendvics